Logistics service in the kanban system


The kanban system is a method used to control production and support the purchasing and delivery processes. It allows you to optimize the storage space using appropriate racks, containers and scanning devices. This system was developed by TOYOTA in Japan in the 1950s.

The kanban method offers a number of different advantages that will significantly affect the efficiency of processes. This will allow significant reduction of costs and a reduction in the circulation of documents. All orders in this system are made electronically, via a scanner. It is a good, proven solution, eagerly used by logistics companies around the world.

As a company with many years of experience in operating in this type of system, we can guarantee:

  • full timeliness
  • no waiting,
  • Zero idleness,
  • Implementation of only necessary technological operations,
  • Full control over the flow of materials,
  • Continuity of supply.

We provide full service at the customer's request:

  • Equipment (shelves, containers, labels),
  • Individual design of shelving according to customer needs,
  • barcode system,
  • Ability to create multiple delivery locations,
  • Flexibility to change as needed.